The table below lists the configuration options for penguinTrace. These can be passed on the command-line in the format -c OPTION VALUE, or in a configuration file which contains options in the format OPTION = VALUE, for example:

SERVER_IPV6   = true
SERVER_PORT   = 8080

The configuration file can be specified via the -f FILE command line option, or ‘~/penguintrace.cfg’ and ‘./penguintrace.cfg’ will be used if they exist.

The full set of options can also be listed by passing -o/--options on the command-line.

Option Type Description
C_COMPILER_BIN String Path to the C compiler
CXX_COMPILER_BIN String Path to the C++ compiler
CLANG_BIN String Path to clang (for libclang)
OBJCOPY_BIN String Path to objcopy
LIB_DIRS String List of directories to make available to child processes when sandboxed (colon separated)
SERVER_PORT Integer Port to listen on
DELETE_TEMP_FILES Boolean Delete temporary files when a session ends
SERVER_GLOBAL Boolean Listen on all addresses, rather than just loopback
SERVER_IPV6 Boolean Use IPv6
SINGLE_SESSION Boolean Only one session exists per instance
USE_PTY Boolean Use a pseudo-terminal to communicate with child processes, reduces effect of buffering
TEMP_FILE_TPL_BINARIES String Template for filenames for compiled executables
TEMP_DIR_TPL String Template for directories for isolated processes
AUTO_STEP Boolean Step without user input, for CLI tools
EXEC_NAME String Executable name, passed to argv[0]
ARGC_MAX Integer Maximum number of values to try and extrace from argc/argv
CSTR_MAX_CHAR Integer Maximum number of characters to try and print from a C style string
LOG_COLOUR Boolean Print log messages in colour
LOG_STDERR Boolean Print log messages to STDERR
LOG_FILE String File to save log messages to
LOG_CFG_FILE String Log level configuration file
LOG_TIME Boolean Include timestamp in log messages
STEP_AFTER_MAIN Boolean Step again after reaching main/start symbol
PTR_DEPTH Integer Maximum number of pointer to follow
PRETTY_PRINT Boolean Try to print C++ classes in a more readable way
HIDE_NON_PRETTY_PRINT Boolean Hide default representation if a pretty printer exists
ISOLATE_TRACEE Boolean Provide a limited amount of sandboxing of child processes
STRICT_MODE Boolean Enable -Wall -Werror when compiling
FILE_ARG String Argument for command line tools


A log file configuration can be specified through the LOG_FILE option, or ‘~/penguintrace.cfg.log’ and ‘./penguintrace.cfg.log’ will be used if they exist.

In order of increasing severity log levels are TRACE, DBG, INFO, WARN and ERROR. The levels are specified by component, for example:

*                         = TRACE
SERVER                    = INFO
SERVER.API.route          = INFO
SERVER.API.compile        = DBG

* is used to specify the base level if a level is not specified for a given component.